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Questions & Policies

Q: When will my order ship???

A: Orders usually ship between 3-7 business days not including weekends & holidays.

Q: How long will it take my order to get to me after it ships???

A: Usually four business days not including holidays & Sundays.

Q: Do you ship internationally???

A: Unfortunately, we do not offer international shipping at this time.

Q: How is shipping priced???

A: Shipping is priced by the weight of your items, the distance you live from Queen Alchemy headquarters, & shipping supplies that come in your package. 

Q: Can I use the Virgo Garden Free Shipping Coupon on FABB & Queen Alchemy products???

A: NO!!! You will be sent an invoice that must be paid before your package is sent out. If you refuse to pay the invoice or do not pay the invoice within 48 hours or before your package is shipped out there will be items deducted from your package to cover shipping costs. 

Q: I signed up for a 10% off discount why is it not working at checkout???

A: Unfortunately, the 10% off discount ONLY applies to FABB custom items. 

Q: Do you offer returns or refunds???

A: NO WE DO NOT. Our policy is firm on this thank you for your understanding. 

Q: I got a shipping confirmation email over a week ago. Why have I still not received my products???

A: If you have not received your products a week after you got a shipping confirmation email please check your tracking first then email

Q: I live in a state that does not charge sales tax. Do I still have to pay taxes at checkout on your website???

A: YES. Queen Alchemy, Virgo Garden, and  FAB Boutique are all based in Virginia. Virginia is a commonwealth state that charges sales taxes. When your purchase on this website it is the same as physically purchasing in Virginia and you will need to pay taxes and shipping at checkout.

Q: I used the Virgo Garden Free Shipping Coupon for my Queen Alchemy products and I received an invoice for shipping to my email. Why???

A: The Virgo Garden Free Shipping Coupon can ONLY be used for Virgo Garden Services. The invoice was sent to your email to cover the shipping charges. If you refuse to pay the invoice within 48 hours your package WILL be shipped with products DEDUCTED FROM YOUR PACKAGE to cover shipping costs.


Q: I purchased a card or numerology reading do I need to contact you after I purchase???

A: No, I will contact you with a form that will need to be filled out before we proceed with your reading. 

Q: How long will it take for my reading, numerology chart, or dream interpretation to be done???

A: It will take 3-10 days for me to complete your service. 

Q: I tried to purchase a numerology chart, card reading, counseling session, or dream interpretation and it tried to charge me shipping. Why???

A: At this time our website recognizes all purchases as items that need to be shipped. There is a free shipping code on the product page that you are purchasing on.

Q: I purchased a Virgo Garden service and Queen Alchemy products can I use the Virgo Garden Free Shipping Coupon???


A: No, you still have Queen Alchemy products in your cart you still need to pay shipping for your Queen Alchemy products.

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