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The Tigers Eye stone gets its name from its resemblance to a tiger.  In the light the Tigers Eye stone shows both sides of its light sandy iridescent color and deep earthy dark brown color. Known as the shapeshifter stone this stone encourages its owner to be able to adapt to situations especially the unexpected and being able to see your way through your journey grounded and with a clear mind. The Egyptians believed that it expressed divine vision and would use the Tigers Eye stone to create the eyes for their statues of great deities. 


Benefits of Tigers Eye:


  • Helps you to find/use your inner strength
  • Protection
  • Personal willpower 
  • Wards off curses
  • Grounding
  • Meditation
  • Helps with being able to adapt
  • Helps with receiving channeled messages
  • Harmony & balance
  • Deeper understanding
  • Release fear and anxiety
  • Helps to clear the mind
  • Helps you to connect with your higher self while still being grounded
  • Great for using for public speaking and performances
  • Calms the nerves and helps the owner to relax
  • Helps you to be open but still set boundaries 
  • Helps balances the Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root Chakra 


Please be advised that the Tigers Eye stones may vary in size & shape as they are natural stones from the earth.

Tigers Eye Stone

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