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The Sunstone is known to be the "stone of the sun". Many people that struggle with their Solar Plexus Chakras or suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) use this stone to help with their healing. This stone can be found in Norway, Greece, Russia, India, Canada, & the USA. 


Purpose of the Raw Sunstone:

  • Embodies the warmth of the sun & has strong solar energy
  • Strength
  • Openness 
  • Awakes the Cosmic Consciousness 
  • Helps with mental clarity
  • Enhances creativity 
  • Helps aid with generosity through your gifts
  • Brings joy & positive energy into your life
  • Helps with motivation & confidence 
  • Enhances leadership qualities 
  • Helps form a new way of thinking
  • Helps with responsibility
  • Great stone for performers or those who do public speaking to have confidence & courage 
  • Helps with depression, anxiety, & stress
  • Clearer thinking
  • Strong manifestation stone
  • Helps manifest money
  • Helps increase enthusiasm 
  • Enhances sensuality & sexuality
  • Brings positive energies of love
  • Helps with meditation especially with the Third Eye Chakra
  • Helps balance, open, & heal the Third Eye, Solar Plexus, & Crown Chakras


Please be advised that these are raw stones straight out of the earth. They may vary in shape, color, & size as they are natural raw stones. PLEASE READ OUR QUESTIONS & POLICIES PAGE BEFORE PURCHASING. THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING. 

Raw Sunstone

PriceFrom $3.00
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