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When the Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp is heated it releases negative ions into the air which have a lot of great benefits whether it be in your home or place of business!!! 


Benefits of using the Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp:


  • Neutralizes Electromagnetic Radiation (positive ions released into the air from appliances & devices in the home including wifi that causes fatigue, stress to the body over an extended period of time, & weakens the immune system..) & reduces artificial frequencies. 
  • Helps clear the airway passages
  • Cleans the air from dirt, dust, mold, & smoke
  • Helps calm allergies & helps reduce asthma
  • Helps alleviate cough & cold symptoms
  • Helps improve blood flow
  • Raises energy levels & mood
  • Helps with concentration & focus
  • Reduces stress & promotes relaxation
  • Helps with insomnia


Salt lamps may come in different sizes or weight due to how the lamp was made. 



Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp

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