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Known as The Wisdom Stone. This precious stone was loved by the Egyptians and was one of the highest-regarded gems. Lapis Lazuli was worn by Pharaohs, Queens, and goddesses.  


Purpose of Raw Lapis Lazuli Stone:

  • Protection against the evil eye
  • Helps with inner peace
  • Helps with communication & expression
  • Helps put you in alignment with your true soul
  • Helps boost your energy
  • Helps clear your thoughts & get them organized
  • Helps with depression & insomnia
  • Helps you get back balanced mentally
  • Helps with self-awareness
  • Helps remind you of your self-worth
  • Helps bring channeled messages
  • Helps with being your true self & with your confidence
  • Helps with pent up frustration & anger
  • Helps with focus & concentration
  • Helps you tune into hidden psychic abilities 
  • Helps balance & heal the Throat & Third Eye Chakras
  • Helps heal the mental and spiritual bodies
  • Removes subconscious blockages through the Third Eye


Please be advised that these are raw stones straight out of the earth. They may vary in shape, color, & size as they are natural raw stones. PLEASE READ OUR QUESTIONS & POLICIES PAGE BEFORE PURCHASING. THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING

Raw Lapis Lazuli Stone

PriceFrom $3.00
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